My life changed back in 1995 with one phone call from my dad. It started with “so I found you a car… a 1973 Chevelle SS”. First off I had no clue he was even looking for a muscle car for me and second an SS? So my brother and I flew out to Calgary as soon as we could to pick up this beast. When I first saw it I was not sure what to say besides it is REALLY big and its 14” tires are way too small. It only took the drive back to my dad’s place to fall in love with her.

The chevelle was originally from Texas before it made its way out to Calgary where my dad found it. Not sure how many owners had it while it was down south but I know it only had one when in Calgary. The chevelle had a freshly rebuilt 454, so fresh my dad was still breaking it in (he was having the time of his life doing it).

The car came with a 3 speed automatic-Turbo 400, LS4 454 ci (not numbers matching), 4-bbl, AC, AM/FM stereo, swivel buckets, counsel shifter, 3.08 Posi rear end and 14” rims. Basically everything was stock from the air cleaner assembly to the rims.

My brother and I will never forget our drive back to Winnipeg; the car got some many looks and we were definitely not used to that. At that time my daily driver was an almighty K-car!

Once home it did not take long for me to get out into the car scene and meet a lot of interesting people. When I first started coming out with the car I met a guy who took me under his wing so to speak. He taught me some tricks and introduced me to drag racing at Gimli’s Motorsports Park. I did that on and off from 96 to 98, and I loved it. During that time I, upgraded the stock manifolds to headers and changed the rear end to 4.11’s. Over the years we have lost touch but I will always appreciated the things he taught me.

As the years passed so did life. Going back to school, starting a career and getting married did not allow much time for playing with my Chevelle. Since 98 all money allowed me to do was drive her every once and a while, buy rear tires, change the small headers to some larger Flow Tech headers and upgrade 2 ¼ inch exhaust to 2 ½ inch with Flow Pro’s mufflers. Now that things have FINALLY started to settle a bit, its CHEVELLE time!!!

So that takes us to 2005... well the year started off with me doing research and some awesome shopping!!! I bought a Holley Street Avenger 770cfm, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake, and a new set of AutoMeter gauges (finally, it was driving me nuts). I ended up picking the stuff up in Calgary while visiting my dad. Two days after I got home from the trip my friend Brandan and I got started, I could not wait. Wow what a difference. The chevelle lives!

Over the summer I been having fun driving her, fixing the odd thing that has happened... heater core, yuck I never want to do that again (what a bastard!!!!).

I owe a lot to my family and buddies Brandan, Kyle and Dave that have helped me out so much over the years. Thanks guys !!