Shelly's 73 Chevelle Malibu


March 31, 2015

First few picture are of the replacement parts used to piece the car back together.

Drivers Door, Drivers & Passenger fenders, Hood, Grill and Grill Header panel are from a 76 Chevelle Parts car we purchased in Fall 2014. The Headlight Pods, bumper and bumper filler are off a 74 Chevelle.

March 31, 2015

Following pictures are a walk-around of the Chevelle after being put back together. Next on the list is to get the car inspected for Body Integrity Inspection.

As part of the 'Integrity' inspection, the replacements parts must be bare and as-is, so they can see the quality of replacement part used. No paint, no patching, nothing is to be done to the appearance of the parts.

If/After it passes 'Body Integrity', then next will be a Safety Inspection.